Welcome To Fountain of Agape Mission Centre

We started Christian Life Bilingual(English and French) in december 2007 in the Methodist Hall MacDonalds Road Wyken where we hosted our first seminar. Daniel and Delphine graduated at Douala Bible School in 1997 in Cameroon located in Central Africa, after three years of succesful study of the Living Word of God.

We obeyed the call of God to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in the community and were released from our Mother Church to start the work of ministry. We Planted churches in Western Africa.

We Taught in the Bible School. As the ministry has grown in love, we have found useful to alter the name of the church from Christian Life Bilingual to Fountain of Agape Mission.

Fountain of Agape Mission is operating fully under the Apostolic anointing based on delivrance, healing and teaching from the Word of God (Bible) in both French and English.

Rev Daniel
Rev Daniel Wife

About Fountain of Agape Mission Centre

We are so pleased that God called you to this church, a church that is filled with wonderful people.  We look forward to seeing you and your family adding to God’s work at your new home.

Our important is your relationship with God.  Several very important ingredients are prayer, church attendance, daily Bible reading, involvement in church activities and fellowship.  Our members develop a close walk with God by setting aside time in their busy schedules to get involved in these activities and ministries. Delphine and I are committed to your success and our commitment has driven us to preparation.

We have implemented several programs to help you adjust to your new church environment, one of which is family fellowship with Agape, Youth Service, monthly retreat with all night prayer and deliverance. This ministry was born from the desire to give total care to the total church.

Workers and leaders are believers who effectively carry the ideas and vision of our assembly.  our leaders and workers of different department will be contacting you in the near future. As a new brother or sister, you can expect a few things from us, we are here for you and we want you to be fully happy.  We will do our best to serve you.

As friends, we want you to be drawn closer to God.  As a pastor, I will preach to you about your life, your decisions and your direction to the things of God. We believe you are valuable and important.  We plan each service, activity, program of the year with each person in mind.

There are many different department fulfilling a variety of functions within our church.  One of these important areas is our discipleship classes which are designed to help you improve and develop in many years of your life.  We encourage you to take advantage of as many classes as possible.

We hope this can be the place where you receive from God and give to those around you.  We are placing you and your family in our church membership list.  let us work together so that the purpose of our God may be fulfilled through us.